Landscaping & Paving

Greenfellas in North London provide you unique paving for your garden which make your garden more beautiful and give a different look for your garden, we can create waves, circles or loops according to your requirement and provide complete material supply to ensure you get the best paving done for your garden.

All types of patios and landscaping

Whatever your requirement is we fulfill all your needs, you can choose from wide range of colors like pastel, icy cool grays and much more. Paving that beautifully fits your surroundings.

A unique paving is created, you can add various effects fitting the character of your garden, path with pavings, and we guarantee that our experts by their paving experience will add style to the garden.

Our paving comes in wide range of colors, textures and sizes. We provide a wide range of products for paving your garden and you can choose your requirement which suits you. We provide traditional as well as contemporary designs.


Client satisfaction:

We provide complete client satisfaction, and all our requirements are according to your needs, we are here to fulfill your requirements. We have a wide range of products available with us for paving from which you can choose your required paving.

For paving, materials for paving would be the most important thing for your garden. We create paving according to your suitability.

Kinds of Paving:

You get very satisfied and relaxed when you are in contact with the nature and our paving provides this. We have paving available in every color, texture and variety which can add a different beauty to your garden and which will definitely increase the market value of your

property. Different patterns of paving are available for your garden, by which you can add various patterns to your garden. We provide paving which lasts longer and which remains in the same way even after years.

There are mainly two categories of Paving available:    
•    Paving with quarried stone
•    Paving with composite material

Granite stone and slates fall under the category of quarried stone Stone are firstly dug, shaped and then they are cut and crushed. The category of composite material consists of bricks and concrete pavers which are processed, fired and then they are dried. You can explore a wide variety of paving products in Greenfellas.

We provide paving which fall in your budget category and will be according to your requirement. We are here to provide you the right choices with the right options. Greenfellas provide paving services in and around the area of North London.

Different Stone provided for paving:

•    Sandstone may be one of the best choices for paving

It’s the most popular stone for garden paving, it can be easily cut and used as compared to granite. Various ranges of colors are also available in sandstone.

•    If you are looking for budget paving you can go for gravel:

    Gravel can be easily installed and provide very much attraction to your garden.

•    If you want texture and color to your garden then you should go for Slate stands:

Slate consists of very soft texture which is unique in itself and which easily draws peoples’ attention and people will get attracted to your garden.



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