Do you need any sort of help in recreating a lawn and remove weeds or do your garden needs a cleanup. By taking the services of our well expert professionals. Greenfellas North London are experienced gardening workers. It is everyone’s personal interest to spend their time gardening and also these days people are so busy with their work that they lack time to clear and tidy up their garden.

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In such situations Greenfellas gardening service would be the only solution.We are here to provide you the complete satisfied services. We have very skilled employees who love gardening and can transform your most dull looking garden into a well maintained area, where you would to spend most of your time.
Clearing the garden:

Garden Clearances                                                                   


Greenfellas has an experience of more that 15 years providing you the expert services transforming your garden into a neat and tidy space through-out North London. We provide a wide variety of quality services nothing is impossible for our employees. Our gardeners will take care of your garden regularly by taking out weeds and unwanted plants, this would free up your precious timing from spending for garden clearance.

Stump Grinding Services

When you hire professional skilled gardeners to look after your garden, they will maintain the garden in a very good manner. They ensure that the garden reaches to its optimum quality. When you keep your garden well maintained it will also increase the market value of your property or home. So you can anytime call Greenfellas anytime to make your garden look its best. Professional experts are not bothered about anything, weather or time.

Services offered by Greenfellas North London
•    Garden clearance:
We offer you garden services to make your garden neat and tidy, regular garden cleaning clearance and clearing overgrown gardens are necessary. We offer you with an estimed budget price and all your garden waste is removed. We also offer maintenance and clearance of gardens of various commercial properties.

•    Pest controls for your garden:
Regular pest controls which can be either organic or artificial are also spread in order to improve the quality of plants. Infected plants should be removed and fertilizers and biostimulants should be used to improve the health of plants

•    Increasing the quality of lawn and taking good care of plants:
Greenfellas services offer grass cutting. Lawn movers are available to which are having roller system are used to give a very crisp finish to your garden. We provide the service of a proper lawn care for repairing lawns.

•    Services provided for pruning down the hedges & shrubs: 

Greenfellas’s professional experts prune down the hedges and shrubs and provide proper shapes and sizes. They trim down the complete overgrown plants giving them a nice finish.

•    Tree clearance:

Services of Greenfellas gardening also include pruning down of trees, we can prune down trees of upto a height of 30 feet. Sometimes trees are also required to be removed from the garden during clearance.

•    Services offered by Greenfellas Gardening also include:

They also offer services for the trimming down of bushes and hedges, cutting down of grasses, weeding out unwanted plants, pruning, plants more plants, maintaining your garden, composting and spreading proper pesticides, reducing trees, removing of trees etc in and around North London. 

We have excellent skilled reliable team of gardening who very well understands the changing requirements of a garden, making changes according to the seasons and most importantly understands the customer requirements.

A garden should be taken care monthly and even seasonally, we provide gardening service of every type. Our services are reliable and affordable.

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